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the floor, ruining Oleg's chance to play the hero. This is so common in Discworld that it nearly hits Running Gag status. Family Skeleton Mysteries : Haunted house attractions are noted for having caused this in a few people, including the man who tried to molest a six-year-old Georgia (though Sid's revival also played a part and at least one of the people attending McHades Hall. Instead, I wet myself." In the Animorphs book where Tobias is captured and tortured by the Yeerks, the author is kind enough to draw the reader's attention to the exact point in time where the pain becomes intense enough to invoke this trope (though. Happens to Satomi in Naru Taru, and with good reason - her Shadow Dragon, which she has a Psychic Link with, has just been cut down by a rotating blade.

And they tell you that. Mentioned in Avatar: The Last Airbender, when Azula gave a very threatening speech to the Dai Li, staring down one agent in particular who Mai later said looked like he was going to pee his pants. They quickly get dressed before her Dad gets home, and sit on the couch just as he is walking. In Chapter 70 of Claymore, Riful wraps Audrey in her tentacles and announces that she will start torturing her. Conveniently this happens after Claude was complaining about not being able to defecate during the day. In another episode, after Brock threatens 21 and 24 with a machete, 24 thanks him because he was constipated.

As he begs for his life, a puddle forms at his feet. In The Legend of Total Drama Island, Izzy soils herself in her terror during the phobia challenge. In Volume 3 of Scott Pilgrim, when Scott and Todd are about to fight at Honest Ed's, and Wallace is giving Scott some advice on how to beat Todd. This is made even funnier by the fact that colamco promo code Harold is at least a foot shorter than the principal. There is also a hostage who will say he crapped his pants after Castle forces a Mook to disarm a bomb he had strapped onto his body. In The Bat and the Phoenix Dudley wets himself when the Joker shoots his father in the head. Here's one from a pirate captain, no less (in fairness, he just realized that Bun-bun and his crew are rushing in for the kill Pirate Captain: Mate, we need something white to wave for surrendering! Referenced in the Dragon Age games a number of times: In Dragon Age: Origins : Before the battle of Ostagar, Alistair and the Player Character are sent to go ready a signal fire. In the final episode of Bottom, Richie fills his pants twice, once for each time the police call. Cross Ange : In Episode 3, Ange wets her flight suit while facing a dragon that is about to kill her. Tali remarks that she has to use the bathroom. the (very dedicated) announcer covers an Equalist trespassing into his booth, aiming a lightning-bending device at him at point-blank range and the wetting of his own pants.

Cupids Hoe And Arrow What better surprise could be waiting for a lucky stud on Valentines Day than the incredibly bodacious, sexy body of a hot milf like Ryan Keely? That is exactly what Cupid has in store this year, and what a treat. Gakuen-sai-Gaido Gakuen Festival is one of Bunka sai" That's it run. Notice: The official FBI Ten Most Wanted Fugitives list is maintained on the FBI website. This information may be copied and distributed, however, any unauthorized alteration of any portion of the.

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