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"pioneer in the woman's rights movement." b: 12 Oct 91 pc: 159 w: Kevin Abbott d: Lex. Rose is relieved that it's nothing serious, and knowing this means a lot to Miles, supports him. There's only one problem. Marvin arrives for their date with his sister, Sarah, in tow. Once at the psychiatrist's,. Beyt "From Here to the Pharmacy" gs: Bruce Kirby Bill, Ed Call Security Guard, Sergia Simone Woman Blanche, in a patriotic zeal, sent more men off to the Persian Gulf smiling than Pepsodent. Dorothy's life is finally in at is until she walks into her bedroom and finds Gloria and Stan in bed together. Dorothy buys Sophia another purse, deciding she likes taking care of her mother. When the ladies learn that Rose had a mild heart attack. Thinking that this will be like old times, Dorothy enthusiastically volunteers to help. She calls Blanche a "slut" and gives her the silent treatment. After Sophia firmly tells Dorothy to stay away from the box, curiosity gets the best of her as she jimmies it open with a butter knife - behind Sophia's back.

After days of ignoring and avoiding Blanche, Rose realizes that she can't let the past get in the way of their friendship. As Rose organizes the event and auditions acts, Blanche volunteers to help. But when one of the Pontiff's priestly entourage picks up the ring in proxy, Sophia's plans to get him to personally bless Agnes is extinguished. Sophia looks at the picture she took and realizes how much she's going to miss them.

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During the telethon, they find out that the lighthouse has been destroyed by the storm. It includes a trip to Paris. Rose then makes the ladies promise they'll get their heads frozen, too - so they can one day be together again. Meanwhile, Sophia is showing signs of hearing loss and Dorothy is concerned. With the wrecking crew outside and the plantation manager asking them to vacate, Blanche handcuffs herself to the radiator: "If they're going to blow up this place, they're going to have to do it with me." Prior to the trip, Sophia choked. To make matters worse, Sophia feels that Stan and Gloria, as a couple, are great news.

Thor leaves a happy man. Unfortunately, she misses the Pope walking down the hospital corridor blessing patients. Rose has it developed and discovers a photo of Blanche in bed with Charlie. Jerry Scott, Meg Wyllie Mrs. Dorothy has a wonderful time and brings a souvenir home from "Beatlemania".Don, the man who plays Ringo. Rose feels this is all her fault and decides to move out.