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How to calculate coupon payment

how to calculate coupon payment

interest rates, if the bond prices reduces from 1000 to 500, a coupon rate of 5 will now fetch 10 yield which is market equivalent. Required Rate of Return, the required rate of return, financially speaking, is the rate you should "require" from your bond based on comparable investments that are available. If you can get a lower price, you'll enjoy a higher return, but if you have to pay a higher price, you're better off opting for the alternative investment. Calculate the amount of interest paid in each time period, and add them together.

Since a bond's yield is the coupon payment as a percent of its current value, the coupon (50) would be 10 of the current value (500). Like any loaned money, a bond entitles you to receive interest payments at fixed intervals for a specific time frame, at the end of which you will receive your initial amount back. Pretend that in this case, the face value of the bond is 1000. Therefore, you would use 5 percent as your required rate of return.

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Video of the Day, brought to you. 1000 multiplied.05 would equal. Buttons - Press these buttons to calculate the corresponding value. A coupon can be thought of as a bond's interest payment. Okay #10006, part 1 Understanding Bond Payments 1, learn what a bond.

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