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to buy more stuff. They're also exclusive to certain retailers, making them a headache for collectors. Kaos: (during the battle for the Water Source) "Impossible! ) Magic Versus Science : In Giants, Tech Skylanders have a Quest to kill a certain number of elemental mage enemies. Certain Skylanders will respond to the effects and narration associated with leveling up in the games, including Pop Fizz and King Pen, as will Chill Bill and Broccoli Guy while commentating in the arena. Kaos refers to it as "bodyless oblivion". Spyro returns to the limelight in Imaginators as one of the primary allies in the story, along with Stealth Elf, Eruptor, Jet Vac and Pop Fizz. The main games also feature Rewarding Vandalism as well, though in a lesser quantity.

Between rounds, he'll start to wonder what happened to said pizza, hoping it "didn't get sent to the wrong Broccoli Guy!" Brief Accent Imitation : After asking himself What Would Kaos Do, Evil Glumshanks then adopts a ludicrous facsimile of his voice, screaming, "Minions! Spinoffs: Skylanders: Universe (originally Skylanders: Spyro's Universe ) - A browser-based Minigame Game with some MMO lite features such as the ability to wander around chatting with other players while using your Skylander as your avatar. This is particularly noticeable with Quickshot and Bazooker Imaginators. Kaizo Trap : The "Dungeoness Creeps" Heroic ChallengenoteĀ unlocked by Cynder in Spyro's Adventure and Chop Chop in Giants tasks you with collecting 13 "amber medallions" in a catacombs.

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Part, spyro the Dragon reboot ( another one part brand new franchise, Skylanders took a radical new approach: The games come with a device called a "portal plus three toys. With several vehicles of different elements, you can do the Elemental Zones in the academy and have your Skylander around level 16-20 by the third level in the story. The Corruption : The Evilizer in Swap Force does this to wildlife and Kaos' own minions, making them eviler and ferocious. Also, most of the original supporting cast were missing from Swap Force, though they came back later. During the fight with Kaos' Mom, after you've hit her, she vanishes. Bumble Blast, Lob-Star and Dive-Clops get holiday variant figures. On the other hand, there are completely silly ones like Shroom Boom (a mushroom who escaped being turned into Kaos' pizza). Wrecking Ball, in name, design, and abilities, shares similarities to the Nintendo 64 game Iggy's Reckin' Balls.